Duan Changyi (段长毅)

Duan Changyi (段长毅), born in Fushun, Liaoning in 1955, native of Ningyang, Shandong. Member of Liaoning Artists Association, member of Fushun Artists Association. During the “Cultural Revolution”, going up the mountain and going to the countryside did not break his artistic dream. Those unforgettable years became the unforgettable artistic foundation of his “dream” today.
In 2004, in the “Provincial Taxation System Painting and Calligraphy Competition” held by the Liaoning Taxation System, the watercolor painting “Dedication” won the second prize. The oil painting “Permanent Memory” was exhibited in the “Liaoning Province Artists Association 50th Anniversary” “Art Exhibition”; the oil painting “One Side Water and Soil” won the “Fine Award” in the “First Chinese Folk Custom Exhibition” held by the CPPCC Auditorium and was collected by the National Art Museum.
In March 2007, it was art by the World Chinese Federation The Qualification Committee awarded the title of “Chinese Cultural Heritage Elite” and served as the creator of the art committee.

Wang Mingkun (王明坤)

Wang Mingkun, male, 64 years old, Fushun City, Liaoning, China, Fushun City, the Federation of Literature and Arts, Fushun City Artists Association members, Liaoning Province Photographers Association members. From a young age love of fine arts, he has been effect by luxun Academy of Fine Arts Xu Yong, Wu Yunhua , and followed the famous Chinese painter Song Yichun teacher to learn Chinese painting. Love the traditional Chinese flower and bird painting, good at painting and writing Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum. His works have participated in many times the Sino-Korean painting exhibition and Fushun City from all walks of life painting exhibition, and won the award. The works have also been collected by foreign friends many times.