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Art priceless, for an art lover, the collection of a beautiful original is the ultimate of the pursuer, we have a lot of value for your collection of original hand painters, here will be your good, value for money.

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Canvas 003 - £1554.00
Canvas 005 - £1120.00
Canvas 006 - £1232.00
Canvas 007 - £640.00
Ink Painting 001 - £130.00
Ink Painting 002 -£130.00
Ink Painting 003 - £125.00
Ink Painting 004 - £125.00

Professional painter, unparalleled in the world, cherish treasures.

Art is endless, especially an excellent painter. He can grasp the soul from any image, display it with his unique painting skills, and share the beauty of all things in the world with his heart and like-minded people.

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Although this is the first attempt to put work on the Internet, the creators of all works have been recognized by customers in the market. Thank you for your support of all our works, we will create better and more perfect creations.

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